Lois is a solicitor in England who has for almost two years been a champion of the people.

She has worked throughout that time on a pro bono basis, receiving no payment whatsoever for the sterling work which she has carried out in providing a voice for those who have felt disadvantaged, forgotten and who have all but lost hope, when few others in her position would step up to help!

If you are already familiar with the exceptional assistance this amazing lady has given freely to those in most desperate need, you can make a complaint right now about the injustice of the actions of The Solicitors Regulation Authority via this link

If however you are not aware of the amazing work this brave lawyer has undertaken to help ordinary men, women and children through this two years of hell, then please read on…

Here are just some of the things Lois has done

Gathered an immense amount of expert evidence which calls into serious doubt the Governments policies relating to the management of C19 and the C19 injections and their rollout

Spoken up in support of those injured by C19 injections

Assisted families in Court proceedings seeking to prevent C19 injections

Lois attended Metropolitan Police Stations in London on three occasions, in Decenber 2021, and in January and February 2022 along with Dr. Sam White, Philip Hyland and Mark Sexton, to report crime and hand in an abundance of evidence which police refused to accept

Attended at West Yorkshire Police for interview and to hand in the same evidence as was handed in to Metropolitan Police

Delivered evidence and witness statements relating to harms and deaths likely to have been caused by C19 injections to UK police forces

Submitted whistleblower and expert evidence to police

Facilitated letters concerning injections and masking to schools, injection centres and GP surgeries

Assisted PJH Law with care worker jab mandates, NHS mandates and assisted on the High Court case of Dr Sam White

Was prepared to assist in the representation of NHS workers receiving 1324 enquiries prior to the withdrawal of the C19 injection mandate

Was very active in the case against the MHRA with PJH Law

Provided guidance to individuals and families based upon the expert opinions and evidence in her possession, as well as her professional legal expertise as a solicitor at no charge whatsoever

Has on several occasions paid barristers fees herself in order to assist those less well off financially and who have required Court actions

It should be noted in addition, that several years ago, Lois was advising victims in the Rotherham Sex Abuse Scandal Case until unusual events placed case handling elsewhere


A body which regulates the legal profession in England, The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), placed Lois under investigation early in 2022, after claiming to have received a number of complaints about the work she has been doing for people. To date, the SRA have failed to provide Lois with copies of any of these apparent complaints received.

In November 2022, the SRA served a Notice on Lois, advising that they were proposing to refer Lois to The Solicitors Discipliniary Tribunal (SDT) due to the work which she has carried out.

The SRA have notified Lois that she may be responsible for their investigation fees, which could run to hundreds of thousands of pounds. In fact a relatively recent case, levelled a costs claim of over £300,000 on a solicitor.

Many people believe that what the SRA are subjecting Lois to is wrong and that their action should be withdrawn immediately.

If you think the SRA should withdraw their action and instead commend and support Lois for the great work she has done in the public interest, please send them an official complaint email (which will auto-copy to Lois’s Law Firm, Broad Yorkshire Law) by using the link below…and let them know your views…

Lois Bayliss solicitor